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from W S Low
on 5/2/2008 2:58:32 AM
 Thank You!

It was great pleasure being able to meet up and shake the hands of a great photographer, a famous photographer everyone using Windows would definitely recognize. Thank you so much Peter for your inspirational course I attended at GPP (Better Outdoor and Travel Photography) in Dubai 1/5/2008.

You are a great teacher and really have the patience to pass your message or teaching's across to fellow students. I really enjoyed the day out with you and the group.

Best wishes and warm regards.

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from Peter B.
on 5/2/2008 3:43:05 AM
 Reply to WS Low: Thanks for your kind note about my workshops in Dubai.

It was great to meet you too.

If you ever decide to take an on-line course, I hope you will consider mine at (See the Courses tab; four week or eight week session.)

All the best in your digital photography.


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from NEW
on 1/1/2012 11:48:38 PM
 Good job making it apaper easy.
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